Our first priority is to share engineering knowledge, tips & techniques in oil & gas industry by means of daily posts. The objective is to fill the gap between theoretical information and industrial practice. The main focus is on process discipline of petroleum, gas, refinery & petrochemical plants. However, the materials which are presented cover almost all of engineering aspects such as piping, machinery, instrumentation and so on. This information is also a precocious reference for site man operators.

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Distance is not an issue any more. We are providing internet-based consultative & engineering services. As a specialized process engineering group, we perform calculation & design for petroleum & petrochemical corporations as well as individuals. All of our design are done based on most reliable and industry-approved criteria & standards in oil & gas field. Our experts have years of experience in process engineering and equipment designing. So, either a large plant or a small project, we are ready to support.

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oil and gas industryPlant Study & Optimization

oil and gas industry Process Documents Preparation

oil and gas industry Conceptual Design

oil and gas industryStatic & Dynamic Simulation

oil and gas industry Process Drawings Preparation

oil and gas industry Front End Detailed Engineering

oil and gas industryv Pressure Vessel & Drum Sizing

oil and gas industryFlare Network Design

oil and gas industry Gas Station Unit Design

oil and gas industry Heat Exchanger Design

oil and gas industry Process Safety Analysis & Design

oil and gas industry Cooling Water Unit Design

oil and gas industry Pipeline Hydraulic Calculation

oil and gas industry Pump & Compressor Calculation

oil and gas industryWater Polishing Unit Design

oil and gas industryPipe Network Flow Assurance

oil and gas industry Plantwide Control Strategy

oil and gas industrySteam Generation Unit Design