Process Phase Group was stablished based on the belief that everyone should have the right to learn. We understand there is a huge gap between industry and academia in oil & gas field. Fresh graduated students are struggling to fit into their dream engineering job. So we began to do what we can do best, to share the valuable knowledge, with the help of our experts who have years of experience in oil & gas industry as well as top level academic degrees. And now we are honored to share engineering tips and techniques to all process engineers in the world.


Process Phase Group has an attitude toward making engineering and design, simple and easy-access to all. In this manner, we are one of the leading group who provides internet-based, teleworking engineering & design in oil & gas industry with the focus on process aspect. Our goal is to help building a more eco-friendly, efficient and powerful industry all around the world. With our cutting edge technology we are honored to help corporations or individuals with their process design and engineering calculations.


sina pourazimi - oil and gas industry


is a senior process engineer currently works at methanol plant. He holds an MS degree in chemical engineering, process control. He has experience in many engineering fields including heat exchanger design, distillation column internal design, plantwide control strategy, petrochemical plant debottlenecking and overall plant retrofit.